Our team of The Greatest Sports Picks cappers have been handicapping and providing sport picks for many clients for over 8 years. We've worked in Las Vegas casinos and sportsbooks and as marketing managers.

Official Picks applies handicapping skills for the love of the game and challenge. Studying basketball, baseball, and football statistics from every possibility, using our various custom systems and cutting edge approach. It takes time and effort until we will put our name on a pick. We can not say you'll win every game or our percentage win is 99 percent, but we can say to you, we will always provide good winners, customer service by phone, email, or messenger and are very consitent and reliable.

Knowing that you work hard for your money, we stand behind our knowledge and plays,thats why the Offical Picks staff also lay bets on our releases.

Official Picks will only play one side of any game, and every game issued is a top play, we do not issue lower grade games, action plays or anything we do not feel you can bet on with pure confidence. You will see that when partnering with the assurance of Official Picks - The Greatest Sports Picks, your money is earned on reliable and real researched game information by an established team of cappers, computer systems, theories and data analysis. Lets keep on taking the money to the bank.

Official Picks Staff