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We play one side only, and always provide the best picks, no grading scale, they are all top selections that we play ourselves. We release free picks and these plays are the same ones we package as paid selections. A high calibur, top selection free or paid is what you receive.

You will also find using our sports information services is a very easy and enjoyable online experience. When you order a service its instantly available for you online without any wait or additional sales pitches or phone calls.
Here at Official Picks we believe in honesty integrity and standing behind our promises and services. Our handicappers are the best, and they also believe in our concept. Offical Picks is not a fly by night handicapper website, we are here to make you money, and make ourselves a more established and reputable partner. Our great clients are why we look into all angles and possibilities, and we wager on the same picks so we all win together.

We have a FAQs area to answer additonal quesions, an about us page showcasing our cappers, and most of all we are always available to answer your questions or concerns, please click here

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